Discovering Tupelo Honey Cafe

Part of being away from home is discovering new places. The other day my best friendsIMG_0135  Donatela, Cecilia and Paola and I went to Knoxville! We went to downtown Knoxville and as soon as we got there we were literally starving! First place we see? Tupelo Honey Cafe! I literally couldn’t believe it! We have been talking about IMG_0423this cafe in one of my classes and I was so intrigued by it! I love that about being in a different city.. just walking randomly and finding a great cafe! We all had a SweetPotato Pancake with spiced pecans and peach butter and if this was not enough we added fried chicken to it.

IMG_0422OMG delicious!!!! I’ve never had anything like this before in my life!! It was A-MA-ZINGGGG! If you ever get the chance to visit Tupelo Honey Cafe please do it! You will not be IMG_0165disappointed! The service is great and the environment is super nice and cozy!

Here are some pics of us and also here it is the delicious Sweet Potato pancake we all had! Click here and visit Tupelo Honey Cafe’s website!



Skype: Far But Together

One of the greatest technological inventions I’ve ever witnessed is Skype. Skype is a service that allows you to communicate to any part of the world for free by voice, video and instant messaging over the Internet. The fact that you are moving away from home doesn’t mean that you will have to stop talking to your loved ones!


According to Skype’s main website :

Skype is for doing things together, whenever you’re apart. Skype’s text, voice and video make it simple to share experiences with the people that matter to you, wherever they are.

In my previous post I mentioned homesickness. A tool that has allowed me to not be homesick and actually feel at home when I needed to, is SKYPE. Via Skype I was able to celebrate my mom’s birthday, my cousin’s christening and plenty of other family events. Skype brings people together! By living abroad you’ll physically miss lots of special occasions but that doesn’t mean that you should not experienced them in a different way! If you don’t have a Skype account and you are planning to move abroad I will recommend you to open one! Don’t worry if you click here you will be able to do it, it is really easy!!!

I’m crying for you, Argentina

In my freshman year back in 2012 while I was taking a class called English as a Second Language I was told to write a poem about an object, a person or about a feeling. I was homesick at the time and it sounded perfect to me to write about my home country, Argentina. I was experiencing all these different emotions for the first time and this assignment was perfect; it came to me at the right time, just when I needed to write or at least let my feelings out. As a little girl I’ve always enjoyed writing, I have all sorts of stories I wrote when I was in primary school and I treasure them so much!. These stories remind me who I was once. They remind me of that little girl who wrote because she liked it not because someone told her to do so. If you are going through a similar time in your life I hope this helps you understand you are not alone and that many many others were or are going through the same thing! I hope that you enjoy this poem as much as I enjoyed writing it.

I’m crying for you, Argentina

Now I have to say goodbye
My time has come
After all these years I realized
It is time for me to fly

Life is about making decisions
And I made mine
I did not know it could be so hard
Some nights when I am sad I look up at the dark sky

I usually tell myself:
I will remember my roots
I will remember who I am
Thank you Argentina for everything you have done
Blue like the sky and white to symbolyze the freedom we’ve earned in the past
We fought for it, let’s make it last

These two colors will be forever in my heart
In the middle, there is a bright sun
When will come that glorious day that I will see again my Flag?
1623398_10152559220987306_28622111_nIf you would like to visit Buenos Aires, Argentina’s capital city you can check out this website and find out all the cool things you can do!!! I know you will fall in love with my beautiful country!

Being Independent: Reaching Out!

Moving to another country is the solution if you are looking to become more independent. I consider that in order to accomplish this specific goal you should follow some tips:


Get a job! breaking free from your parents’ wing is the best decision you can ever make! Your life can turn out to be pretty depressing if you don’t develop as the individual you are.
Save money and open a bank account! This is one of the best advices someone ever gave me! Unexpected events can happen at any time and you better be prepared!
IMG_0311_2Get rid of people that have a negative influence on you. We all know who those people are and don’t let anybody hold you down from your goals. This time you are moving out! you need all the support you can get!
Believe in yourself, you can do whatever you want!
Get your place and don’t owe anything to anybody!

I invite you o read this great article about being independent!

How I Deal With Being Away From Home

Everytime I miss my family I pull out of a folder all the photographs I brought from Argentina and put them all over my bedroom. IMG_0186

My family is a very important part of me and being away from them sometimes it’s hard! Without Skype it will be definitely worst, I can’t imagine living here in Tennessee and not being able to communicate with them when I want!

TeIMG_0870chnology is an important part to all of us living abroad! It makes us feel that we are still present in our family’s daily routine even when we are miles and miles away from them.

Since I was a little girl my dream was to come to the States. Studying here has exceeded all my expectations, I couldn’t be more happier! and I absolutely owe it to my family who has supported me since day one.

I’m the second of four children, and me IMG_0415and my older brother are living here together.

The fact that I have him here with me makes things easier too. We are just 11 months apart, and we get along really well! We are almost twins!

Living here has made me appreciate what I left behind, it won’t be like this forever but I am taking it day by day. At least, that is how I cope with distance.

Being A Foreigner

The past three years I’ve been leaving in a foreign country, as a result I am a foreigner. To me being a foreigner involves at the beginning feeling like you are on vacation. IMG_0139   Everything you see in that new place is wonderful and works perfectly fine! But as soon as you start spending more time in that place you begin to perceive and to be aware of the flaws.

Moving abroad can be an amazing experience if you are willing to have your mind open and to face all kinds of IMG_0158challenges.

Remember that you are the foreigner and that you should adapt to the place and the people you are with! So.. make friends, Skype when you needed it too, cry if you have to, explore your new town, keep IMG_0288yourself busy at all times and enjoy the freedom that only a foreigner can have!

The best thing of being a foreigner is that you are more open and you are willing to meet new people, in fact my best friends are italian! IMG_0134We give each other support while we are away from home, we perfectly understand what the other
one is feeling!

No one knows how it feels to be away from home unless they are!! Here are some pictures of us! I don’t know what I would do without Ce, Pao and Doni.

Click here and read this article about why friendships are so important in our lives! What would life be without friends!!!!??

Before You Go

Moving to a different country, it’s a big decision that comes with a huge responsibility. Plan everything ahead so that you don’t have any surprises once you get there.

IMG_0046Enjoy the last weeks with your family and the ones who love you the most. Don’t spend your precious time with people that are not worth it and that don’t really care about you and your well-being. Get used to the idea of not seeing them in a long time!

According to the website Taringa, distance and absence make families grow fonder! so be happy cause the relationship with your family will definitely get stronger!

However, the day before you go… Have a farewell party! Celebrate this new adventure!

There are plenty of reasons of why you are leaving home. It is very common these days to hear people saying: I’m going to India, I need to find myself. Excuse me…? This is not a decent answer! Some people just run from situations that they can’t face, some just want to experience new cultures and open up their minds by seeing different realities. THINK ABOUT THE REASON OF WHY YOU ARE LEAVING. IT’S HEALTHIER!!!

If you are leaving your country to escape from all the problems you have, let me tell you something right here and right now. Problems will follow you wherever you go when you don’t face them on time.